"Saitenweise" Klangerlebnisse

Have it been the lute and the harp which filled Porcia Palace with music during the Renaissance, are it nowadays rhythmic compositions of the world’s best Fingerstyle-Artists.

Every year again, superlative artists give themselves a tryst.

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Guitarena is a cultural initiative in Spittal/Drau, Carinthia, Austria, which was set up from guitar-enthusiast Hartwig Weiher. Founded 1998 top-class artists as well as newcomers acted in the familiar venue which is located in the most atmospheric arching fold hall in Porcia Palace. The hall provides the most impressive conditions for string-sounds in a very unique way.

Concerts 2017


03/03/2017 Thomas Leeb

21/04/2017 Franco Morone

16/09/2017 Markus Schlesinger

13/10/2017 BLUES SPECIAL: John Long & Willie Salomon

17/11/2017 Andrea Valeri

Start each date 7:30pm.

Kultur Card Kärnten, kelag Joker and Kulturpass are valid.
Pre-selling at Porcia Kartenbüro (Porcia Ticket-Office) Tel: 04762 / 42020 or

Adults € 14,00
Reduced € 8,00 (Scholar, Students, military- & civilian service)

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03. März 2017

Thomas Leeb

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Thomas Leeb picked up the guitar for the same reason as every thirteen-year-old boy: he wanted to meet girls. He soon fell in love with the instrument, played his first solo concert at the age of fifteen and released his first acoustic guitar album at seventeen. Leeb is a frequent performer at concerts and festivals in Asia, the Americas and Europe and has been featured in numerous guitar magazines all over the world. Every year, he teaches workshops and master classes in universities and colleges and his album “Desert Pirate” was voted one of the essential albums of the last twenty years by Acoustic Guitar Magazine.
His peculiar guitar style owes as much to percussive techniques as traditional fingerstyle guitar. What sets Thomas Leeb apart from some of his contemporaries is his ability to make pyrotechnics serve the music. Three years studying West African traditional music give him a sense of timing and groove that is unusual in a guitarist. All this has earned him a loyal world-wide following and influential fans such as Eric Roche who was his guitar teacher, “for about five minutes and then I heard him play”, Jon Gomm awarded him “ten out of ten Gomms” and Guthrie Govan who thinks that “what Thomas does on an acoustic guitar probably shouldn’t be legal.”

21. April 2017

Franco Morone

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Franco Morone, known as the Italian poet of the acoustic guitar, has mesmerized audiences with his technical prowess and intricate tapestry of sound for nearly 30 years. He is a gifted artist who composes and arranges fascinating melodies and performs with extraordinary feeling and sensibility. ​According to Acoustic Guitar magazine he has one of most identifiable sounds of anyone playing fingerstyle guitar today. His unique arrangements and exquisite touch reinvigorate traditional Celtic and Italian melodies while ​his original compositions have the evocative power to transport the listener to new and unforgettable places.He is not only a musician with a sensitive tonal vocabulary and a solid knowledge of the craft, but has also made himself a name as a teacher and author of instructional books and videos. Through his teaching and musicological research, Franco has become a reference point for guitarists around the world, both amateur and professional. He has given workshops in Italy and abroad and regularly performs at prestigious festivals in Europe, the United States and Japan.

15. September 2017

Markus Schlesinger

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Markus Schlesinger is a vienna-based guitarist, who has played fingerstyle for many years.
He is not only a musician with heart and soul but also a master of his craft. With his acoustic guitar, his smoky voice and his contagious humour, an evening full of musical highlights and diverse entertainment is guaranteed.
His varied program ranges from ingenious original compositions and jazz arrangements, to blues and fingersyle arrangements of well-kown songs, spiced up by entertaining anecdotes and a lively interaction with the audience.

13. Oktober 2017


John Long & Willie Salomon

John Long

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John Long was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1950 and was first exposed to the music he’d make his life’s work not long after. His mother played several stringed instruments and supplemented the household income by teaching local guitarists. By the late 1950s John was absorbing the sounds of Jimmy Reed, Buster Brown, Muddy Waters, Lightnin ’ Hopkins, Junior Parker, and all the rest of the 'R'n'B and jump blues of the day, and working on recreating those sounds with his own guitar. By the early 1960s he was playing professionally in local bands, and digging deeper into the blues, through Muddy, Wolf, and Elmore, to Tampa Red, Peetie Wheatstraw , Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell, Lonnie Johnson and others. As Long immersed himself in the pre-war, acoustic blues era, he began to find a home stylistically, and started writing his own original music, inspired in large part by his brother Claude, whom he still credits as his biggest influence.
The early 1970s found him in Chicago , and it was there that he met another important inspiration: veteran bluesman Homesick James Williamson. Williamson had been playing blues guitar since the pre-war era and was kin to, and bandmate of, blues great Elmore James. Homesick was a surrogate father figure to Long, treating him like a son, showing him the ropes in Chicago, and tutoring him in the subtleties of the blues. For the last 30+ years, Long has been seriously honing his craft, perfecting his art, and finding his voice. His complete recorded works to date consist mainly of a few deeply obscure backing appearances on other people’s sessions, a small handful of home-made recordings done mainly for demo purposes, and a cut on a sampler released by the host of an NPR radio program. “Lost and Found” on Delta Groove is John Long’s first full-length release.
From Delta Groove Productions, Inc.

Willie Salomon

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Foto: Manfred Pollert

Few have the feeling and authentic command of the acoustic country blues idiom and more as the entertaining singer-songwriter and guitarist Willie Salomon. He is a master of the art of taking material to new places with his unique fingerpicking accented guitar approach and outstanding, haunting bottle-neck slide. He has been called a guitar wizard and his complex guitar playing has a beautifully distinctive touch and tone alongside natural and sincere vocals. On vintage Gibson and National resonator guitars, rack harmonica and piano, Willie Salomon takes the audience on occasional excursions into jazz, calypso and country music, brilliantly demonstrating the close relationship between the genres. In addition to traditional blues originals, he also includes outstanding examples of fingerstyle guitar and ballad compositions, as well as an informative and entertaining commentary.
Willie Salomon, who was born in 1954 in Germany to a German mother and American father, has shared the stage with Alexis Korner, Champion Jack Dupree, Louisiana Red, Paul Geremia, John Long, Roger Hubbard, Little Willie Littlefield, Peter Finger, Ian Melrose & many more. His solo albums Country Blues & More (2005) and Just In Time (2007), received high acclaim internationally and his new album Let Your Light Shine has just been released in October 2010. All three albums were released on Acoustic Music Records (Osnabrück,Germany), probably the most important record label for acoustic music in Europe.

17. November 2017

Andrea Valeri

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Andrea Valeri was born in Pontedera on February 27, 1991. Performing professionally from the tender age of sixteen, from Australia to New Zealand, from Canada to Russia, from Europe to Africa, he has garnered much success all around the globe. Now, at the age of 22, defined as the Prince of fingerstyle guitar, and a new acoustic music Ambassador, Andrea is already a veteran of the many acoustic guitar festivals that take place world-wide, sharing the stage, recording and collaborating with the greatest guitar players the world has to offer. Awarded with the " Excellence of Italian Music", Andrea started his guitar studies at the age of ten, first studying classical technique then passing through an electric phase and finally at the age of fourteen, the acoustic steel-string guitar.
This is when he began to absorb particular techniques like thumbstyle, fingerstyle, flatpicking and more, all synthesizing into his present six-string prowess and indeed at his age, his music and playing are still evolving. Also by age eighteen, Andrea had released Four highly acclaimed albums: "The secret of Silence" (2007), "The Trip" (2008), "Maybe" (2010 ), "DayDream" (2011) and "Race Around the World" (2014). The young musical genius is also reknown for his collaborations with the Australian guitar Virtuoso Michael Fix, first time into the Track "Cannonball Rag" on Andrea's album Maybe, and second time with Andrea's song Guanches, wich is the opening track of Michael's album "Two Timing" ; That album also features Tommy Emmanuel, Sam Shepherd, Louie Shelton, Stephen Bennett, Nick Charles and many others...
Andrea has also collaborated with Goran Kuzminac (in ‘Parole Semplici’, one of the most successful songs of Goran's last CD ‘Dio Suona la Chitarra’) and with IGS Company that helped him to record and publish his first song Rails.
All the guitarists who have inspired Andrea , consider him to be one of the "Shining light of the guitar world". His style is always evolving and his global success is growing day by day; Andrea is currently touring world-wide with his new album "DayDream", published by Vinile Records and edited by Myrope musical editions .

Start at 7:30pm.

Kultur Card Kärnten, kelag Joker and Kulturpass are valid.
Ticket Pre-sale at Porcia Ticket-office (Porcia Kartenbüro) Tel: 04762 / 42020 or



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